środa, 11 marca 2015

Praca w branży gier - Gameplay Designer - Action RPGs - Warszawa - Interactive Selection

Zagraniczna firma na zagranicznym portalu szuka pracownika do firmy w Polsce, konkretnie w Warszawie, na stanowisku Gameplay Designer o specjalizacji "Action RPGs". Czemu Polak nie miałby zaaplikować na to stanowisko? Chcesz pracować w Warszawie i spełniasz wymogi zleceniodawcy? Aplikuj.

Nadawca: Interactive Selection
Stanowisko: Gameplay Designer - Action RPGs
Lokalizacja: Warszawa
Data publikacji ogłoszenia: 06.03.2015
Link do ogłoszenia: Gameplay Designer - Action RPGs
Treść ogłoszenia:
"Our Client is looking for a talented Gameplay Designer who will help them create and tune the rules of gameplay within their project. This person will work closely with the gameplay programmers on prototyping and implementing stages and  will ensure that the gameplay functionality, the combat systems, as well as the overall gameplay experience is carried through to completion in the highest possible quality.

- Designing game mechanics & combat choreography.
- Implementing game mechanisms using our proprietary game engine and scripting tools.
- Designing and implementing AI elements.
- Designing enemy spawn points arrangement, as well as collectibles distribution and economics.
- Creating design documentation and making sure its up-to-date at all times.
- Follow and maintain pipelines and technical requirements.
- Constant cooperation with programmers, quest designers and animators.

Required skills & experience:
- At least 2 years experience in the game industry (with at least 1 published game in a gameplay/system design role).
- Experience with game editors and game design tools.
- Previous experience in flash design or UI design, as well as experience in making or modding games.
- Basic programming skills in chosen programming or scripting language.
- Good knowledge of English language.
- Both analytic and creative thinking abilities.
- Extensive knowledge of video games and gaming industry.
- Excellent communication skills and ability to work and be efficient within a team.
At least one AAA RPG title shipped will be a strong plus. (...)"

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